Message From Principal

In an increasing competitive global economy, a nation can not neglect the educational needs of its young generation. M C Rathva College, an eminent co-education institute, endeavors to assist the youth in the right direction. The college seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the dissemination of the knowledge and understanding by providing students various courses at graduate and post-graduate levels.
We believe passionately in developing the whole person, able to think and work creatively, as well as absorb received wisdom. We offer your children excellent opportunities to develop their interests and abilities, in sport, the arts and computer science. Languages and literature, and the humanities. We strive to develop honest, caring well mannered and hardworking young people, who respect and value others and are concerned for their world and their influence on its future.
The distinguished faculty of the college devote themselves wholeheartedly, in a team spirit, to achieve the aims and objectives of the college. The mission of the college is to develop a unique culture that seeks to scale height of glory, ethics, passions, and perseverance to help the students realize their dreams.


Dr. D P Machhi