Computers. The world that means power to the knowledgeable students. The College is equipped with linguaphone, multimedia projectors, over-head projectors, networking facilities, a network resource centre, a website, a state-of-the-art audio-visual room, personal computers, printers, CD writer, visual presenter, internet facility and an up-to-date reference section. The College imparts computer training furthering the student's career prospects. In short, the students are "programmed" to excel.
The College office, which is systematically developed with computerized procedures, has work-stations for nonstop excitement at work for its staff.
The library, which is fully computerized, shines through like a beacon of information. Measuring over 3,000 sq.ft it has a wealth of books & CD's to its credit. It is the life-line of information to students, providing them with reference material for their in-depth studies.
Meeting ground. Breaking the ice and also a fiercely guarded home turf. Strictly for students only is the College canteen which has a menu that satiates the voracious appetite of students after a hard day's work. .